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Focus stacking in CS6

This video shows the steps to get a set of images taken using various focus points and merging them into a single image, a technique called focus stacking, using Photoshop CS6.

Shooting the eclipse

Shooting the eclipse

UPDATE:  Here’s some more information about the eclipse.  I thought I’d just add it to this article.  First is we have some “eclipse” safe throw away glasses available in the store.  They are certified safe for direct viewing of the sun, and are only $2 each.  Limited quantity, so don’t wait. Second,  we’ve received questions […]

Annular Eclipse May 20th

Annular Eclipse May 20th

We’ve been asked by several customers if Pixels was planning a workshop for the solar eclipse on May 20th.  After some discussion we decided not to try and put one together.  This is such a unique event which none of us have any experience in and it’s just a little too far away to take […]

RSL vs. LA Galaxy

RSL vs. LA Galaxy

In a rematch of last years’ MLS final, Real Salt Lake took on the LA Galaxy to a sold out home crowd at Rio Tinto Stadium. With key players from both teams playing on the United States World Cup team, I knew it would be an interesting match.

Shooting the Bike – Intro to Product Photography

Shooting the Bike - Intro to Product Photography

Its amazing what you can do with some simple household items in the photography world. Product photography is a great avenue to explore the usefulness of these items. With product photography, you subject matter can be set up in a controlled environment; the ideal place to try out new lighting techniques and gear.

Dave Hill Posts New Videos

Dave Hill does lighting videos…

Introduction to Actions (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our introductory look into Photoshop actions. Last time we covered the basics of what an action is, how to run one, and how to make one. Today we’ll start with a look at a few more features within the Actions Palette in Photoshop.

Introduction to Actions (Part One)

Ever wish you could record a set of Photoshop commands and repeat them at a later time? Welcome to the world of Photoshop actions. So what is an action?

An action is a recorded set of image editing commands that can be performed at a later time without having to re-enter each change manually. Actions can provide a handy way for editors to speed up commonly used tasks and are compatible with the Batch function in Photoshop (allowing you to automatically apply commands to hundreds of images with only a few keystrokes).