Nikon Instant Rebates

The spring rebate season is in full swing with great deals from both Canon and Nikon. The popular Canon lens and flash rebate program is back on; this is the perfect time to think about upgrading to that ‘L’ lens you’ve been thinking about.

Nikon has also initiated a series of rebates for the month on June. The following Nikon cameras are elligible for rebates:

Coolpix P60 – $80
Coolpix P6000 – $100
D40 w/18-55 – $50
D700 – $300
Nikkor 55-200 – $100*
Nikkor 70-300 – $100*

*Only available if purchased with a D40, D60, or D90

These deals are instant savings and are applied at the time of purchase; no paper work to mail in. The Nikon rebates are active through June 20 (June 27 on certain models).

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