Special Guest Royce Bair

Join the Utah Photography and Photoshop Meetup group on Wednesday, January 9th as we enjoy special guest Royce Bair.

Royce Bair has been a professional illustrative photographer and an international lecturer for over three decades. His photos have been used by corporations like General Motors and IBM, and published in magazines ranging from the Smithsonian to National Geographic. During this same period, he has built and sold five photo-related businesses. In the past two years, he has embarked on a new adventure of sleepless nights, as he attempts to photograph the night sky in a style he calls, “NightScapes”. Royce and his wife, Linda, are the parents of five children.

Star Filled Night Photography” or “NightScapes” are single exposures of the starry night sky that include a recognizable landscape feature. These can be captured by anyone with a DSLR. Royce will discuss the basic equipment requirements and the natural conditions needed to capture “NightScapes”, as well as how to overcome some of the challenges in this type of night photography. Light painting and how to use natural light to enhance landscape features will also be demonstrated.



To RSVP please visit our Meetup group.

Wednesday January 9th, 7:00pm

Pixels Foto & Frame 8934 S. State St.




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