Tamron’s powerful new 18-400 lens

Tamron's engineers changed lenses forever.

Is this the coolest Tamron lens ever?

Photographers constantly search for lenses featuring maximum flexibility, lowest price and best image quality. Meeting virtually all these criteria, Tamron held nothing back in their new 18-400 Di II VC HLD lens. At 22 to 1 zoom ratio, Tamron effectively covers flexibility. Since this lens primarily targets APS-C users, it crops in to 600mm effective focal length on Nikon and 640mm on Canon crop sensor cameras. Score a big one for Tamron. Image quality speaks for itself.

Lone Peak @ 18mm from our front door.

Lone Peak at 400mm from our front door.








Not only does this 18-400 provide pulling power, it has the tech chops to back it up. Tamron’s exclusive 3 axis image stabilization provides realistic 2.5 stops’ compensation. Tamron put its top level engineering to work employing ultra low dispersion glass and aspherical elements for aberration free high contrast images.18-400 excels not only during tele use. Macro capability at 1:2.9 reproduction ratio closes in on true macro lenses with an astounding 17.7 inch @ 400mm close focus limit.


If you’re looking for a camera pack lightening package, your camera with this 1.5 lb. lens will surely make photography great again. Check it out at Pixels Foto and Frame. Bring your camera. Priced at only $649, you’ll want to wear one home. Now available in Canon & Nikon mounts.




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